We understand the way in which our customers live is changing.

As consumer habits change and fast-evolving trends cause fundamental shifts in tenant demands, the lines between residential use classes are blurring and have begun to converge.

Manner exists at this intersection, operating at the forefront in the evolution of housing design across the 'Living' sectors.

We’ve made it our purpose to elevate the city living experience.

Across the PBSA, BTR and Coliving use classes, residents are placing increased emphasis on multi-function accommodation, within community-centric, tech-driven and hospitality-led living.

As a result, we design for inherent flexibility in our assets and adaptability in our operational model to provide multi-purpose living solutions, ensuring we remain best placed to adapt, evolve, and anticipate social change.

This is our blueprint for living well.

We know that new social dynamics and 21st century lifestyles often run counter to the conventional housing narrative.

Therefore, we place the needs of our customers at the heart of our design philosophy, ensuring their values form the foundations of our innovative housing model, and act as our blueprint for reimagining the future of city living.

In doing so, we prioritise delivering unparalleled living and renting experiences through healthier, happier and more inclusive communities, that become deeply rooted to their neighbourhoods.

We champion sustainable design principles and ardently promote social purpose initiatives.

At Manner, we’re taking positive action to address the challenges faced by our cities, striving to help accelerate the global trend towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society.

We make sure that we’re accountable for the impact we have on our people, places and planet.

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